Salvatore Aurigrmma
The tombs of Spina
ITALY, 1954, 18'
  by AGON - Friday, 29 May 2015

The film tells us the story of Spina, a mythical Etruscan city founded on the delta of Po river around 6th century BC, as narrated by one of the principal characters of the first excavation mission in the necropolis of Valle Trebba (1922-1935). However, most exterior shots were filmed during the next mission (1954-1960) led by Nereo Alfieri. Pictures of the findings are of great interest, in particular those concerning the hard work of the excavations during unfavourable conditions of the valley. The scientific and fascinating text of Salvatore Aurigemma, ephor of antiquities in Rome at that time, stirs up our interest about Spina and its story. It is worth mentioning, that when the film was completed, it was presented to the Italian Ministry of Cultural Activities in order to participate in a film festival but under a different text which even though was understandable to the public, it was very ordinary. Aurigemma’s text was then considered to be to archaic ans scholar!
The film is a new version of the initial 35mm movie of 1954, which was preserved by Francesco Scotto di Freca, Aurigemma’s nephew.