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How did the Celts live?
GERMANY, 2006, 45'
  by AGON - Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Celts, a mixture of ethnic groups, whose culture developed in the centre of Germany were first reported by Herodotus and spread later nearly all over Europe. They attacked Rome in 387 B.C, lived in peace with the Etruscans near Bologna and later entered Greece and plundered Delphi. Their soldiers were engaged by different rulers all around the Mediterranean Sea.
How did they live, what did they eat, which cult did they practice and which kind of technical innovation did they succeed in? Main idea of the documentary is the discovery of the so called “Heuneburg”, a Celtic castle and residence of a Celtic princely family near Sigmaringen. In the past there came to light a singular wall made of tiles, baked under the sun. This technique was originally Greek and it was probably made by a Greek craftsman. At that time the walls were normally created by wood and earth. This seems to be a real sensation. There was frequent contact with the Greeks and Etruscans which is reflected by a lot of luxurious finds.
At Heuneburg, a real archaeological park has been created with reconstructions of various houses of that time. There, a group of archaeologists, called CARNYX, gives life to the Celtic civilization.