The World's First Computer. The Antikythera Mechanism
Alexander the Great and the Antikythera Mechanism
in Belgrade Archaeological Film Festival
  by AGON - Friday, 1 February 2013

Two of the most recent international co-productions of ERT will travel to Belgrade to represent Greece at the 14th International Archaeological Film Festival, in collaboration with the Hellenic Foundation for Culture of Belgrade and AGON Festival.

1.  The World’s First Computer: the Antikythera Mechanism,
directed by Mike Beckham, produced by Images First, co-production: ERT, ARTE, NHK, Roger Hadland, Nikon, National Hellenic Research Foundation, ΟPAP.)

2.  Alexander the Great,
directed by Bernard George, produced by Les Films du Tambour de Soie, co-production: ERT, Musée de Louvre, ARTE GEIE, Media.)

Both films were screened and highlighted at the 9th International Meeting of Archaeological Film of the Mediterranean Area-AGON, which took place in Athens in May 2012.