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The selected films of AGON 2012
  by AGON - Friday, 27 January 2012

AGON is proud to present the list of the films that will be screened in competition during the 9th International Meeting of Archaeological Film of the Mediterranean Area… and beyond ( Athens, 7-13 May 2012).
The 9th AGON Meeting is organized with the support of  Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Atene.

BLACK SANDS (Anastassis Agathos-Urgh Productions, Greece)
• AU ROYAUME DE MÉROÉ: Muweis, une ville sous le sable (Stan Neumann, Catherine Adda – Camera Lucida Productions, France)
• LA JOYA AND THE WARRIORS IN THE MIST (Jose Manuel Novoa – Explora Films, Spain)
THE CELTIC LEGACY (Jose Manuel Novoa – Explora Films, Spain)
LES VOILES DE BOROLLOS (Raymond Collet – Centre d’Etudes Alexandrines, Egypt)
CHECKPOINT (Ruben Amar- Carlito, France)
DARE TO VOYAGE (Ross Shakin, Dominique Görlitz-Ralph Becher, Germany)
NOMAD’S HOME (Iman Kamel – Talal al Muhanna, Kuweit)
ON THE SUMMIT (Massimo Pizzocaro, Elissavet Laloudaki – HappyAnt tv, Greece)
WITNESS THE PAST (Angeli Andrikopoulou, Argyris Tsepelikas – Anemon Productions, Greece)
ALEXANDRE LE GRAND, LE MACEDONIEN (Bernard George – Les films du tambour de soie, France)
CLAY, WATER, FIRE. AN ETERNAL BOND (Fotis Garifalakis, Yiorgos Koumouros – Greek Educational TV, Cyprus Pedagogical Institut, Greece/Cyprus)
DISCOVER HISTORY… DISCOVER LEROS (Vassilis Mentogiannis – DETAP Dodecanesse, Greece)
PADDLE SHIP PATRIS. LOST AT 1868 (Vassilis Mentogiannis, George Nikolaidis – ERT, ΤΕΧΝΗS, UFR-Team, Museum Industrial Heritage of Syros, Greece)
AIGILEIA-WRECK VI (Vassilis Mentogiannis – UFR Team, H.I.M.A., Greece)
DIE JAGD DEM GOLDENEN VLIES ― AUFBRUCH NACH GEORGIEN (Franz Leopold Schmelzer, Gerhard Rekel – ZDF, Germany)
THE SECRETS OF NAZCA (Michael Kaschner – ZDF)
ROME, MARMOR, POWER AND MARTYRS: the rise to the City of the Emperors (Elli Kriesch – Bavarian Television, Germany)
LA PASSIONE DELLA MEMORIA-UCH KULACK, UZBEKISTAN (Isabella Astengo – Duna Film International, Rai Educational, Italy)
LA PASSIONE DELLA MEMORIA-INDOCHINA (Isabella Astengo – Duna Film International, Rai Educational, Italy)
JOCASTA (Elise Kermani – Mishinnah Productions, USA)
PIETRE SACRE D’ARMENIA (Paolo Chiodarelli –  SAP Archaeological Society, Armenian Ministry of Culture, Italy/Armenia)
THE CARYATID HAIRSTYLING PROJECT (Katherine A. Schwab – Fairfield University Media Center, USA)
GERGOVIE, ARCHÉOLOGIE D’UNE BATAILLE (David Geofrroy – Court-Jus Production, France )
QUAND LES GAULOIS PERDAIENT LA TETE (David Geofrroy – Court-Jus Production, France )
THE OLIVE TREE AND OLIVE OIL OF CYPRUS(Paschalis Papapetrou – Anadysis Films, Cyprus)
KISSES TO THE CHILDREN (Vassilis Loules – Massive Productions, Greece)
• NERONE AND THE GOLDEN HOUSE (Stacey Mannari – Altair 4 Multimedia, Italy)
LOOTING THE HOLY LAND (Mariam Shahin, George Azar – Mariam Shahin, Jordan)
TRZCINICA: THE KARPATHIAN TROY (Zdzislaw Cozac – Media Promocja, Poland)
EN ETHIOPIE, SUR LES TRACES DES PREMIERS CHRÉTIENS (Jean-Luis Saporito – Thierry Gautier, Arte France)
DEADLY SCIENCE (Jens Monath – ZDF, Germany)
THE MIRROR BRIDE (Despina Pantazi – Ethnological Museum of Thrace Angeliki Giannakidou, Greece)
• MEMORY (Fouli Melanitou, Greece)
LA CAMPAGNIA PREISTORICA (Fulvio Iannucci – Tilapia, Nicola Barile, Italy)
LE MOULIN DE GRAVELON (Dominique Adt – Milady Productions, France)
THE SECRETS OF THE PYRAMID OF DJOSER (Romualds Pipars – Baiba Urbane, Romualds Pipars, Latvia)
LA PRESA (Jorge Rivero, Spain)
LOOTERS OF THE GODS (Adolfo Conti – Doc Art Srl, Italy)
AEI CONSTANCE (Sophie Haug, Heide Zh, Bettina Baumann – University of Applied Science of Constance, Germany)
HAND OF ANGELOS (Nikos Dayadas – Anemon Productions, Greece)
ENCARDIA (Angelos Kovotsos – Yiorgos Poulidis, Yiorgos Bilalis, Encardia, Greece)
FACSIMILÉ (Philippe Denizet – Local History Society Kypros, Atelier audiovisuel de l’Ecole Centrale Paris, Cyprus/France)
ARCHAEOLOGY IS SEXY (Thomas Strobel – HTWG Konstanz, Germany)
DIRTY HANDS (Christopher Quantrell – HTWG Konstanz, Germany)
LES EXPERTS DE L’ARCHÉOLOGIE (Joris Clerte, Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet, Marc Chevalier – INRAP, ARTE, Petite Ceinture, France)
12 CANOES (Molly Reynolds – Molly Reynolds, Rolf de Heer, Australia)
BEYOND REFORM (Sara Bonaventura, Italy)
DIOHANTI ELEFSINA 2010 (Chryssa Psomadelli – George Papadatos, Greece)
UNE DAME, DES PIERRES, DES HOMMES (Paul Rambaud, Claude Delaye – CNRS Images, France)
LE PARFUM RETROUVÉ (Luc Ronat – CNRS Images, France)